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INTRODUCTION: a version of this article will appear in the Spring issue of the quarterly print magazine, StamfordPlus. While this article was written for a Stamford, CT audience, it has general application through out the northeast and beyond. Many of the shrubs mentioned in this article are also the subject of individual articles in the You can access these articles via the index on the left side of the home page or by using the home page search box.


Spring planting time begins once the earth wakes up in March; traditionally, peas and other cool-weather crops are planted on St Patrick’s Day. Come Earth Day, as all danger of frost passes, it is good to consider what we “ought” to plant this year. The good news: the environmentally correct plant can be stunningly beautiful year-round, and nearly carefree.

Some yard owners don’t have the time or inclination for gardening, and desire only simple and neat. Some others , whether landscaping a quarter-acre or planting a balcony pot, yearn for miniature Gardens of Eden. The good news: native shrubs work for everyone.